Adventure (ad-ven'-ture) n. An unusual experience or course of events marked by excitement and suspense. Adventure. Just the word brings all kinds of images to mind and quickens our pulse. What it means is different for each one of us: extreme sports, far away places, a romantic, candlelight dinner with a mysterious stranger (who could just be your spouse!)....  It is what you dream about, what you daydream about, your heart's yearning.

Far too many of us are caught up in a 40-hour work week, paying the bills, dodging telemarketers, sorting out junk mail, jamming fun (or chores) into our weekends, often not taking care of ourselves as well as we take care of others. Is this how we are meant to live? Inherently, we sense there may be another way. An adventure can revive your spirit.

You don't have to wait until "someday," or even to win the lottery to experience the adventures you want. Adventures come in all sizes, and you might be surprised how easy it is to have one. Fly away to where you heart wants to be. Here is some food for thought, past and future adventures. Contact us when you're ready and we'll help you dream, and show you how to make it a reality.

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Solar Roadways

Solar Roadways Solar Roadways in Sandpoint, Idaho

Appalachian Trail in VA

Appalachian Trail Hiking the Virginia section of the Appalachian Trail. See journal entries.
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Common Ground Produce A WWOOFer or someone who does WWOOFing is World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Had some nice adventures and good food in NY and PA, visiting and working on the Myers Farm in NY, Common Ground Organic Farms and Over the Moon Farms in PA. WWOOF is world-wide.

Don't Frack Ohio

DonŐt Frack Ohio The disposal of drilling wastewater used in fracking has now been scientifically linked to earthquakes. The fluids used in fracking (and the wastewater that comes back up the well) is disposed of by injecting it into disposal wells deep underground. - StateImpact, NPR 2014
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Tony Hillerman Country

Hillerman Country See Heading West blog.

Going Green (Solar & RE)

solar install See Heading West blog.
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Skydiving Wow! It's hard to describe. Check out the top rated place in the world to do this, Gold Coast Skydivers. The drop is from 14,000 ft. Tandem jump is a great way to go. After the (shock of the) free fall, floating down with the parachute is sublime.

The Lavender Trail, France

Lavender Provence Late June through early August is the time to be in France for the lavender blooming. Cities to see along the Lavender Trail are Sault and Valensole. Of course, the food is great in this Mediterranian climate of Provence, and be prepared to linger over your meal. Don't miss it!
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Hawk Ridge

Hawk Ridge If you ever get the opportunity to hold and release a raptor, it something you'll never forget. They are amazingly powerful birds. Truly incredible! Fall Migration Raptor Volunteer, Duluth, MN

2009 Solar Decathlon

PSU House Held every two years on the National Mall in Washington D.C., there is a lot of work that goes into building the solar homes. Great place to get ideas for leading edge green technology. October 2009. Next Solar Decathlon 2011.

~ 2007 Adventures ~

The Climate Project

Climate Training For a powerful training session on the climate crisis and global warming, you can't beat Al Gore. He's surprisingly funny, sometimes serious, and definately passionate about the topic, and has inspired thousands with his sessions.
Volunteer Presenter Training, Jan. 8 - 10, Nashville, TN

Clicker Training Expo

Clicker Training When was the last time you were in a room full of dogs and it was quiet? That's what you'll find at a ClickerExpo. Karen Pryor has a wonderful, positive method for animal training. Watch the Video of ClickerExpo March 23 - 25, Cleveland, OH. It's easy to become an enthusiast for her approach.
~ 2006 Adventures ~

Sundance Film Summer Labs, Utah

Sundance filming Volunteering is often a good way to explore areas of interest. Hard to get into, but a volunteer position at Robert Redford's Film Institute can be very interesting. Film screenings every night! Sundance, Utah.

In Search of Economic Recovery post Katrina

Highway If you've ever been through two hurricanes, like Katrina and Rita, you might want to investigate living elsewhere. Which is what many Louisianans did. That exploration can result in many adventures.
~ 2005 Adventures ~

Brigham Young 4th of July Celebration,
Stadium of Fire

Stadium of Fire If you're looking for an interesting summer job, this could be it: setting up the BYU Stadium for their fireworks display. And let's not forget that spectacular Utah scenery. It's a beautiful place to work, and the entertainment is first rate. Provo, Utah.

Isle Royale National Park

Lavender Provence So the reason you want to go to Isle Royale is you've heard about the moose and the wolves, and wouldn't it be cool to see them? Well, think about that when you're hiking and backpacking on this island. You really don't want to meet a male moose in rut, and maybe not a wolf. It's well worth the trip. If you've never been on Lake Superior...well, it's like an ocean!
~ 2004 Adventures ~

Athens 2004 Olympics

Adadis Impossible poster The chance of a lifetime, this was quite amazing! The return of the Olympics to their birthplace for the first time in 100 years. In the spirit of the Olympics, there were a series of "Impossible is Nothing" posters throughout the Athens metro.

August 13-29, Athens, Greece

Olympic Rings For the full story visit My Olympic Dream.
~ 2003 Adventures ~

2003 Special Olympics World Summer Games

Special Olympics logo It was a great adventure! From June 20 to 29 in Dublin and surrounding area. Nelson Mandela, Eunice Shriver, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more spoke to us at the spectacular opening ceremonies. There were 30,000 volunteers, 7,000 athletes, 3,000 coaches. As always, the Special Olympics athletes were inspiring. Recommended viewing: The Loretta Claiborne Story

Albuquerque International Ballon Fiesta

Airabelle The second week in October is the time of this colorful event. Being around all of the balloons is like being a tiny human surrounded by giant marshmallows. The balloons were 10 to 11 stories high. Unless you've been there, it's hard to imagine the sight of hundreds of balloons and special shape balloons taking off into the blue, blue New Mexico sky. Don't miss it.


This is one client's adventure:

The Horse Fair They drove down the country road in the North Carolina hills, close to the Appalachian Trail. It was late September, a hint of fall in the air. It had been a long day of driving, first seeing the guide horses, and now in search of one of the oldest breeds of horses in the world, the Friesians, native to the province of Friesland in the northern Netherlands. Gentle horses, known for carrying knights into battle during the Middle Ages. The Friesian is a noble animal, possessing a kind and willing character, intelligence and strength. The horses are always black, with a long wavy mane and tail, and feather on the legs. They possess a high neck carriage and powerful hindquarters.

Looking back to his childhood, Pete remembered his great love of horses, and in particular one horse. He recalled sleeping with his horse, the bond was so close. But that was a thing of the past, a forgotten memory, a dream pushed aside as he got on with his adult life. He'd begun to think about them recently. Seeing the diminutive guide horses today had stirred some feelings. day...horses would be a part of his life again.

Friesian mare and foal The car pulled up to the gate of the farm they'd called earlier in the day. Pete had been nudged into this adventure. As they talked last night and this morning he'd agreed, yes, he wanted to visit a Friesian farm, but any farms were too far away, maybe in the spring, maybe when he had more free time from work. But there it was, a listing on an internet directory for a farm a few hours away. Now here they were and it seemed unreal. The gate, however, was most definitely locked, and no sign of anyone in sight. It had been a chance they'd decided to take driving out here, with the hope that the owner would be around. Dusk was beginning to fall as they turned away with a sense of disappointment. But perhaps there was another entrance, so they drove the car slowly down the road, following a white fence line. Pete glanced up at the hillside pastureland. "Look," he said to his companion, "there they are!"

Silhouetted in the gathering dusk was a mare and her young foal. In curiousity, the foal scampered down to the fence line to investigate, where Pete was now standing. The mare followed. The three of them stood at the fence line for awhile, then Pete squatted down, wanting to touch the hair on mare's massive hooves. That could have been a mistake. But the mare quietly lowered her head and nuzzled the hair on his head. It was as if they were old friends. Pete was transported, and always remembered that evening with awe, "It was magical!"

Periodically we will post the details of a client's personal adventure. Often what is involved in creating an adventure for someone is to listen well to the little things they say about what is important to them and what they're dreaming about, do some research to find out what is involved in making that dream come true, creating an opportunity for the adventure to take place, then nudge them in the direction they want to go, provide support and let the adventure happen. This was the case with Pete and his adventure consultant. To learn more about Friesans or guide horses, please click on the links.


About Your Adventure Consultants

We have had a vast amount of experience that we draw on to help you create and plan your adventure.

Our principal consultant was as an interpretive park ranger for the National Park Service at four National Parks ranging from California to Kentucky, has a solar and renewable energy business, served as an EMT for an ambulance service, was a dance major at San Francisco State University and Mills College, performed in the Closing Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympics, organized dance events and teaches dance, produced and directed an award-winning documentary on a Zydeco instrument, the Scrubboard, has lived in 16 different states in the United States and traveled in South America, Europe, Mexico, and Canada, and--of course--pursues adventure.

With friends and contacts from Alaska, Argentina, and Australia, to South Africa, Sweden and Switzerland we have resources to call on to make your adventure take on world-wide proportions.



During the initial consultation we will help you conceive of and plan your adventure, drawing you out to find out what really intrigues you, finding out those little details about you that will make your adventure extra special.

Thereafter we will give you as much help as you request, which may be showing you "how to" yourself, or doing it for you. This may include

  • hands-on one-on-one instruction on using internet resources (car rentals, airline reservations, setting up an email account, creating trip guides);
  • researching various aspects of your adventure;
  • providing dance instruction;
  • accompanying you on your adventure.
The information you learn from the personalized instruction will be valuable knowledge for your future adventure planning.

Gift certificates are available, as are phone consultations for out-of-town clients.


A World to be born under your footsteps...
-- St. John Perse
A Walk to Paradise Garden
photo W. Eugene Smith