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Summer Rehearsal and Closing Ceremonies Performance (6 weeks)

The goal for the summer rehearsal and performance was to raise $4500. That was a pretty bare bones budget, but I made it on less by being very frugual. In fact, for the six weeks I was in Greece, it was really not quite enough. I looked for jobs, tried to find housing with hospitality club members, of course tried for free housing. While housing was very tight and often quite expensive, in the end I spent most of my nights at the Athens International Youth Hostel (8,15 EUR then 22 EUR during the Olympics), a couple of nights on a ferry, a few night at an apartment of volunteers, and a few nights just "hanging out" without any real accomodations. Meals were covered by freeze-dried food I took with me, shopping at a discount supermarket that accepted credit, and my free meals as a volunteer. There were times I only had one meal/day, I only ate out once, and once/week I bought a souvlaki pita or gyro pita.

Donations for Summer Rehearsal and Performance
Cost Item
$1254.84 - airfare, round trip Lafayette, LA to Athens, Greece
151.30 - visa/work permit, travel insurance, express mail
713.14 - accommodations
92.69 - transportation (metro, ferry, bus)
277.80 - food, freeze-dried, groceries, meals out
205.24 - supplies (batteries, dig cam supplies, flashlight, current converter, film)
169.95 - miscellaneous (PayPal fees, calling card, internet, postage, gas)
332.27 - gifts, postcards, international postage
$3197.23 - Total Outgo, as of 10/03/04
$1901.24 - Total Donations, as of 10/03/04
$599.55 - Total Sales, as of 10/03/04
$696.44 - Total Expenses out of pocket, as of 10/03/04

Audition (1 week)

The goal for the audition was to raise $1000. I raised $385, plus non-monetary contributions. Non-monetary contributions were rides to/from Lafayette airport, pet care, sox, costume assistance. Here's the breakdown of where your monetary donations went for the seven days of travel and time in Athens:

Donations for Spring Audition
Cost Item
$759.80 - airfare, round trip Lafayette, LA to Athens, Greece
86.35 - clothing (sweat pants, sweat shirt, t-shirts, support wear)
55.50 - travel supplies (duffle bag, fanny pack, luggage tags, film, travel journal, books)
92.65 - 5 nights at a youth hostel, includes $38 youth hostel pass (pays for itself over time)
4.59 - international phone card
11.11 - local transportation in Athens (I walked a lot!)
88.13 - food including food supplies I took with me to economize (minimal eating out)
55.80 - gifts, postcards, postage (these were small gifts, but postage added a good bit to this)
3.64 - bottled water in Athens
$1157.57 - Total Outgo
$385.00 - Total Donations
$772.57 - Total Expenses out of pocket

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